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Larry Sandvick, 12 X NFR qualifier, grew up on a ranch in the North Dakota Badlands. He has been in the leather business since 1986. In college he was always asked to fix something for everybody on the rodeo team, from bridle gear to saddles.

He has made almost every horse-related gear a person can think of. When building this gear he decided that making it to last a lifetime would save him the expense and time of having to fix it later. He strives to seek and use the best material and put the best craftsmanship into every piece he builds.

Larry says his leather of choice for most horse gear products is 9-11 oz Herman Oak Harness as it was tanned for strength and durability to last a lifetime (think of a harness that’s 50+ years old hanging in a barn).

Larry also competed as a top PRCA bareback rider for the better part of 20 years, all the while supplying products for rodeo cowboys and stock contractors alike. This list includes: rodeo chaps (of all colors and classes), pick-up man chaps and shin guards, bronc and bareback latigoes, bronc halters, bucking horse flanks and parts, bull flanks, and now.... the best bareback riggin ever designed!

Larry has combined his two lifelong passions by taking his leather work to the next level. Now, he is the sole manufacturer of the only bareback riggin in the rodeo world to boast a PATENTED horse and rider friendly design. Larry's nelwy designed riggin is aptly named the "Wild Man", just as he was nicknamed when he started his "first" career in the rodeo business. He hopes with the changes he has made to the traditional bareback riggings of the past, he will be equally as successful - if not more-so - in this "second" rodeo career.

Larry has Dennis Schmidt (formerly Beastmaster Rodeo Equipment) to thank for the opportunity of a lifetime for a motivated, hard-working and innovative cowboy like himself, who is not afraid to step outside the box. Using the extensive education his riding and leather work have given him, he has changed the way both horse and rider can benefit through a few modifications to a tool that has remained virtually unchanged for twenty plus years.

Over a year after Dennis had approached him offering to sell the Bareback Rigging manufacturing portion of his business, Larry was finally in a position to pony up and give the nod. In January of 2011, the gate was opened on the latest ride. Larry made several trips to Pueblo, CO to "learn the ropes" of how Dennis constructed his Beastmaster Riggings. Not one to be wasteful of resources, time, or money, he was all the while transporting equipment back to the place where the illustrious Wild Man hung his hat when he began the first of his rodeo careers: Kaycee, WY.

Coming into the fourth year of production for Wild Man Riggins, Larry continues to build chaps, chinks, breast collars, latigoes, spur straps, and more ranch and rodeo equipment. In order to provide convenience for both himself and his customers, Larry has built a new shop right outside his front door with "any time reasonable" hours available.


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